Wizamet Iridium Super Double Edge Razor Blades, 10 Count

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UPC: 3014260318024
Brand: Wizamet

1 Tuck of 10 Blades

Extra Stainless Blades

Add 25 for a pack of 250

Add 10 for 100 Blades

Add 5 for 50 Blades


  1. 1 - 14 tucks = $3.49 per tuck (~35 cents per blade; 10 - 140 blades)
  2. 15 - 24 tucks = $2.30 per tuck (~23 cents per blade; 150 - 240 blades)
  3. 25 or more = $1.59 per tuck (~15 cents per blade; 250 or more blades)

Made in Russia

From Wizamet:

Wizamet Super Iridium Double Edge Safety Razor Blades were manufactured by Procter & Gamble in St Petersburg, Russia.

This double edge blade is made of stainless steel and coated in platinum to give you a flexible, protective edge.
Wizamet blades have become synonymous with "sharp" and "smooth" in the wet shaving world.
WIZAMET SUPER IRIDIUM Extra Stainless Double Edge Razor Blades

Wizamet Super Iridium Double Edge Blade is the ultimate razor blade. Wizamet Blades shape is standard and will be therefore compatible with your safety razor or straight razor. For many users, these Double edge blades are considered the BEST IN THE WORLD. They have the enormous advantage of combining exceptional sharpness, extreme smoothness, and remarkable durability.

On the forums dedicated to the world of shaving, these Super Iridium DE Blades are very popular and used by professionals in barbershops who prefer to use them with a straight razor. Wizamet super iridium is very similar to polsilver super iridium. They have the same stamp and quality with different packaging. Both blades polsilver super iridium and wizamet blades are sharp and smooth.

Features :

  • Double Edge blades
  • Stainless steel blades
  • Strong sharp blades
  • Ten blades per tuck
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