Wet Shaving Products Black Amber Vanille After Shave Tonic Splash

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Brand: Wet Shaving Products

Net Weight 100ml / 3.3 ounces

From Wet Shaving Products:

Any great shaving soap needs a great aftershave to pair perfectly with it. I crafted my traditional aftershave with the following qualities in mind. Most important to me was that in addition to cleaning & toning, it should soothe your skin and provide some relief for the occasional nick. And of course, you needed to smell great and feel refreshed!

I started my journey by researching the traditional aftershave formulas of alcohol, water, and fragrance. Then I looked into the best contemporary aftershaves, and found that nothing has changed! And while this has been a winning formula for over a century, I needed to do better.

I knew I had to ditch the water to make a better aftershave, which did nothing. So, I replaced it with soothing botanicals such as witch hazel & comfrey plant extract (allantoin) to help you feel refreshed. Then I needed to tackle the biggest complaint about aftershave: it’s drying. So the next step was to add some emollients to help your face retain moisture. Finally, I added fragrance so you can smell great all day.

Scent: Black Amber Vanille - We started with some rich, decadent French Vanilla. Then combined it with a rustic amber and rounded out with black Myrrh and a splash of Egyptian Musk.

  • You will Smell Better, Feel Better, & Shave Better with our Rustic Aftershaves. Handmade in small batches in Chandler, Arizona!
  • EDC strength fragrance will leave you with a pleasing scent all day (4-8 hours).
  • Astringent alcohol cleans tones, & tightens your pores as well as kills those nasty microbes.
  • Soothing witch hazel and healing allantoin soothe & refreshes your irritated skin.
  • Our all-natural ingredients formula contains No parabens; No silicons; No mineral oils; No artificial colors. 100 ml.
  • If you aren’t 100% happy, we don’t want your money. Don’t like it? We’ll send you something you do like; and if we can’t, we’ll refund your entire purchase price.

Ingredients: Alcohol, Witch Hazel, Fragrance, Glycerin, Allantoin

Made in the USA

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