WestMan Adamastor Artisan Shaving Soap

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Brand: WestMan
Brand: WestMan

Net Weight 4 Ounces

From WestMan Shaves:

Rhubarb, Melon, Sea Salt, Cut Grass, Damp Earth, Vetiver

Robust aquatic fragrance.

Slightly sweet and green notes of rhubarb, melon, and cut grass. Realistic sea salt note throughout the entire shave. The dry down of Damp Earth and Vetiver. Off the tub, you will get the salty note the most with some green and sweet undertones.

Adamastor is a figure of mythological inspiration brought to life in the epic poem “The Lusiads” as a representation of the scourge of the first Portuguese sailors who attempted to circumnavigate Africa.

Made in Portugal

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