Ultra-Max Platinum Edges Razor Blades, 10 Count

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UPC: 8904304587200
Brand: RK

Introducing the Ultra-Max Platinum Blades by RK, a pinnacle of superior quality in shaving. Crafted with precision in India, these double-edge razor blades redefine your grooming experience. Each tuck contains 10 blades plus an additional bonus blade, ensuring extended usage and exceptional value. Elevate your shaving routine with the Ultra-Max Platinum Blades, known for their unmatched performance and durability. Experience the perfect balance of sharpness and comfort in every stroke. With RK's commitment to excellence, the Ultra-Max Platinum Blades stand as a testament to their dedication to delivering a superior shaving experience.

Tucks of 10+1 FREE


Add 10 for a pack of 100 blades

Add 5 for a pack of 50 blades


  1. 1 - 4 tucks = $2.19 per tuck (~21 cents per blade; 10 - 40 blades)
  2. 5 - 9 tucks = $1.86 per tuck (~18 cents per blade; 50 - 90 blades)
  3. 10 tucks or more = $1.53 per tuck (~15 cents per blade; 100 or more blades)

Made in India

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