Rodak Blue Grotto Premium Ceramic Shave Lather Bowl

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Brand: Rodak
Brand: Rodak

Achieve the perfect lather every time with a Rodak ceramic shave lather bowl. Designed to optimize your shaving experience and crafted with care, this bowl is a must-have for any serious shaver.

The Blue Grotto Premium Ceramic Shave Lather Bowl features a spiral agitation line that will help you build incredible lather using any of the premium artisan shave soaps that we offer here at The Wet Shaving Store. Additionally, the base on the bottom is left without glaze and exposes the rougher ceramic surface for a grippy texture to help you handle your bowl with ease.

Because these bowls are handmade, slight differences in size, shape, and color are normal and expected.

Bowl Size

  • Diameter: +/- 6 inches
  • Depth: +/- 2 inches

Shipping Surcharge

We want to make sure your new Rodak bowl arrives in perfect condition. To facilitate a safe arrival, we will package your bowl with extra care and materials. The surcharge is used to cover the additional cost of materials used to protect and ship your bowl.

Hand Made in the USA

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