Pinnacle Grooming Ayrton Senna After Shave Splash

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Brand: Pinnacle Grooming
Brand: Pinnacle Grooming

Looking for an aftershave that provides superior performance and nourishment? Look no further than Pinnacle Grooming's artisan aftershave. This aftershave is made with high-quality ingredients and is designed to soothe and hydrate the skin while delivering a refreshing and invigorating sensation. Infused with essential oils, this aftershave nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling soft and supple. Upgrade your wet shaving experience with Pinnacle Grooming's aftershave today and see the difference for yourself.

Net Weight 3.3 Fluid Ounces / 100ml

Pinnacle Grooming Ayrton Senna

From Pinnacle Grooming:

An aftershave splash with skin food! A superb aftershave splash and nourishing skin food.


  • Top Notes: Rosewood, Cardamom, Asian Pepper, Natural Oudh, Sandal Wood Super
  • Middle Notes: Vetiver, Tonka bean, Amber, Vanilla Rose, Musk
  • Bottom Notes: Patchouli, Mandarin, Agarwood, French labdanum, Pink Rose

Ingredients: Denatured Alcohol, Stearate Citrate, ISO E Super, Ethylhexyl salicylate, Dibutylhydroxytoluene. Vitamin E. Aloe Vera. Witch Hazel. Calendula Oil. Fragrance & Essential Oils.

Made in the United Kingdom

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