Introducing Mosper Shaving Soap and Aftershave Splash by Master Soap Creations, exclusively crafted for The Wet Shaving Store. This remarkable shaving set is a true masterpiece, inspired by the iconic Tom Ford Tuscan Leather fragrance. As a sequel to the highly acclaimed Allura drop, Mosper continues the legacy of exceptional grooming experiences.

The Mosper Shaving Soap is meticulously formulated to provide a superior shaving experience. Its rich and creamy lather effortlessly lifts and softens facial hair, ensuring a smooth and comfortable shave with every pass. Immerse yourself in the captivating scent, inspired by the alluring notes of Tom Ford Tuscan Leather, evoking an air of sophistication and luxury.

Release Date: Friday, July 21, 2023, at 10am PT | 12pm CT | 1pm ET

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