Merkur Progress Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor, Short Handle

Short Handle
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Brand: Merkur

Introducing the Merkur Progress Double Edge Safety Razor, a premium quality razor that offers the ultimate shaving experience. This adjustable safety razor is crafted in Germany, renowned for producing some of the finest shaving hardware in the world.

The Merkur Progress Double Edge Safety Razor boasts an exquisite chrome finish that exudes class and sophistication. Its adjustable design allows for a personalized shaving experience, accommodating different hair types and lengths. The razor's double-edge blade ensures a smooth and precise shave, while its sturdy handle provides a comfortable grip, ensuring maximum control and precision.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the Merkur Progress Double Edge Safety Razor is made with high-quality materials, ensuring longevity and durability. Its German origin is a testament to its superior craftsmanship, making it a must-have for any shave den.

Whether you're looking for a close, smooth shave or simply appreciate the art of grooming, the Merkur Progress Double Edge Safety Razor is an excellent choice. So why settle for anything less when you can enjoy the ultimate shaving experience with this exceptional German-made safety razor? Order yours today and experience the difference for yourself!

2 Piece Razor

Model: 500 (Short Handle)

From Merkur:

The MERKUR 500 Progress stands for maximum variability. Even back in the 1950s, it was one of the first planes with an adjustable blade gap. Since you also adjust the angle of the razor blade in this way, you can adjust the thoroughness of the shave to your own personal taste. With the short handle, you gain freedom of movement on complex parts of the face and body.

Razor only.


The head of the plane is manufactured using the zinc die-casting process, as this enables very precise manufacturing tolerances and complex shapes. In order to ensure a comfortable weight distribution, we only use brass for the handle. The chrome finish protects the razor from corrosion and underlines the high-quality design.

Blade Description

The ability to rotate the handle adjusts the distance between the blade and the comb and adjusts the thoroughness of the shave to your personal preferences. Thanks to the numbering, you can easily find your preferred position again. For example, you have the option of working long hair with a large blade gap, while the daily face shave can be done with a gentle blade setting.

Product Details:

Material: Brass handle, die-cast zinc razor head, electroplated surfaces, bright chrome

Blade Description: closed comb, straight cut, adjustable blade gap

Handle Lock: Long screw, two-piece razor

Handle Diameter: 1.2

Dimensions: 4.1 cm x 2.6 cm x 8.8 cm

Made in Germany

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