Il Marchese Elitario XC-05 Synthetic Shaving Brush

Ultra Premium; 2 Colors
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Brand: Il Marchese

From Il Marchese:

Discover the best handcrafted synthetic shaving brush, with synthetic bristles with the latest XC-05 technology. Made in Italy synthetic shaving brush.

Elitario (Elite) Xc-05 synthetic shaving brush

Artisan synthetic shaving brush, completely handmade in Italy with the ancient techniques of artistic turning. Glossy resin handle with high rigidity, resistant to abrasion and wear. Logo engraved on the top ring and coin minted on the bottom.

Latest technology for traditional shaving

After months of research and testing, the best synthetic shaving brush on the market is finally on the market. The XC-05 fiber, tested by Il Marchese, is a real step forward in technology. Designed to have the maximum backbone and very delicate tips thanks to its diameter of 30 mm and height of 54 mm. The end result is a synthetic beard brush capable of whipping any soap or shaving cream, transmitting great comfort to the skin of the face.

The best way to tell if a shaving brush is right for you is to simply try it out!

All for a perfect shave.

The enemies of the brush are mainly limescale and soap residues.

Shaving Brush Size:

  • Handle height: 50mm
  • Handle diameter: 43mm
  • Knot diameter: 30mm
  • Node height: 54mm
  • Total height: 104mm

Made in Italy

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