Hwayeon Soap Ko Jung Artisan Shaving Bowl

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Brand: Hwayeon Soap Co.

From Terry's Soap (a.k.a. Hwayeon Soap Co.):

This shaving bowl was created through collaboration with pottery masters, an intangible cultural asset of Korea.

This is a shaving bowl with the signature design of 古正(KO JUNG) master. Detailed work is required through the harmony of glaze and fire.

The inside of the bowl is curved to facilitate leathering. It is characterized by an exquisite curve on the side so that the leather does not overflow.

It is a size that is easy to hold with one hand.

If you have any issues with this bowl, please contact us directly so we can make it right!

(* Due to the nature of handmade ceramics, there is a slight difference in size for each product.)

It is natural soil selected by artisans, and kiln work is carried out three times at high heat. All processes are 100% handmade, It takes about 1 month for one bowl to be born.

Due to the nature of ceramics, these are special shaving bowls with different patterns and sizes.

Since limited quantities are produced to maintain quality, securing stock may not be smooth.

Please understand this.

Made in South Korea

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