Hendrix Classics Hidden Goddess Milk After Shave Splash

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Brand: Hendrix Classics & Co.

Net Weight 3.3 Ounces (100ml)

From Hendrix Classics:

Hidden Goddess is scented with our Delica de Bergamot fragrance, which is a sophisticated fruit scent with notes of bergamot blossom, golden amber & sandalwood blend with whipped sugar and peach nectar.

We’re excited to offer EDT/Splash! We focused on what customers want in developing this product:

  1. Long-lasting fragrance. The quantity of fragrance oil is the main thing determining how long fragrance lasts, so we increased the quantity to an EDT level of 8%.
  2. Awesome fragrance – We have a reputation for fragrance quality. Any time we release a product like EDT or shave soap, you can rest assured that it will be widely popular.
  3. Stunning artwork – The Tiger Milk artwork is stunning. The metallic labels take it to the next level.

Our EDT/Splash has ‘Shake Assist’. A couple of light shakes will thoroughly mix everything.

Directions: Shake lightly and apply to the face. Of course, you know that. The important thing to know is that the EDT strength may cause fragrance burns for some. Wash your face with soap and water if you feel a lot of burning or have any other negative experiences. Discontinue use and reach out to us. We’ll replace the splash with something else.

Net weight: 100 ml

Ingredients: 100 Proof Denatured Alcohol (SAD-40B), Fragrance, Polysorbate 80

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