Bricktown Grooming Carpenter's Mate After Shave Splash

Cedar • Leather
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Brand: Bricktown Grooming

Net Weight 4 Ounces

From Bricktown Grooming:

My #1 best seller! Made with cedar and leather essential oils, Carpenter’s Mate was named after one of the oldest ratings in the Navy. Used from the 18th century to WWII, these men repaired the wooden hulls of the ship in whatever part of the world they stopped with hand tools. These 2 scents make me think of the tough Sailors who were honored to be some of the first Chief Petty Officers on April 1st, 1893.

Scent Notes: Cedar and Leather – Woody and masculine with a touch of leather

Ingredients: Alcohol, witch hazel, water, fragrance oils, coconut oil, and vitamin E.

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